Into God’s Presence: Preface



In the 1970’s Loren Cunningham and other leaders felt that God was encouraging them to see a Biblical curriculum developed for all ages as a key to impacting nations. In 1977 an international group of educators met in Kona, Hawaii to seek God for His direction. Out of this and other curriculum meetings the concept that God is the curriculum was understood as the foundation for producing Biblical Christian Curriculum. When we study science we study God’s creation which leads us to discover the creator (creation declares the glory of God). When we study history we are learning about the interaction or lack of interaction of man with God and the consequences. The study of God, became the foundation of curriculum development. Multiple seminars were run and model schools developed in many countries. From this season an Early Childhood curriculum was collated and published in English in 1996; since then translations have been completed in German, Mandarin, Korean. A primary curriculum, however, was not published at this time.

In 2007 a small group came together in Kona Hawaii to seek God on how to publish a primary curriculum. This Bible curriculum forms the core of a complete curriculum that sees God as the focus of all subjects and all life. It is not to be seen as the basis for only academic knowledge of God, but rather as the foundation for students to encounter God in all aspects of their day and experience His presence in all aspects of life.

In 2012 the current version of verbs, nouns and adjectives that describe God was developed. There are 63 units based around 21 verbs, 21 nouns and 21 adjectives that the Bible uses to describe God.